Zimmerman Construction, Inc.   DFS Access Instructions


First time DFS users (have not accessed any CyberCopy hosted DFS system)



1.      Please click on this link to access Zimmerman Construction, Inc..  Plan Room:   http://tinyurl.com/Zimmerman-Construction

2.      Click the “Register Now” button

3.      Accept the “End User License Agreement”

4.      Enter your complete contact information – all fields marked with an asterisk are required. Click “continue”.

5.      The system will send you your username and password to your e-mail address entered above. Check your e-mail for this log in information.

6.      Enter your username (your e-mail address) and your password, click “Login”

7.      Please verify your information and follow instructions to view and order Plans.

8.      If you would like to change your user name or password click on “My Account,” then chick on “Update Profile Information,”  then “preferences”  and click on the Save button.

9.      Please pick up an Username and Password that you can remember.



Technical support:


-    Mynor Plato at CyberCopy:  mynor@cybercopyusa.com  or  dfssupport@cybercopyusa.com  - (805) 432-6738

            Please include your name,  telephone/cell  number.



-          Cesar Bislig at CyberCopy:  cesar@cybercopyusa.com

-          Christine Nixon: (805) 685-8844  bzimmerman6@cox.net